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Leadership starts with one’s self. I know that interacting with motivated leaders will further ignite my desire to build my character as well as others’. As I create myself, I will also be able to lead others better.
— Isabel Chin, Makati Hope Christian School

Who are we?

NATALIE IN THE LIGHT INC. was established in loving memory of Natalie Lincklaen Arriëns who, at the age of 12, bravely took the lead in her battle with cancer, and by her shining example has inspired transformation in those around her. Natalie left life on 30 March 2012.

The purpose of Natalie in the Light Inc. is to empower a new generation of young leaders, by helping young people in developing leadership, practicing a healthy mind, a healthy life, and to make a difference in their communities. Read more in our About page.


What do we do?

Young Bridging Leaders Program


Become a Young Bridging Leader (YBL) when you join our exciting partnership program with AYC, the Asean Youth Community, implemented in collaboration with YGoal Inc.

In 2019, YBL moved to Carmona City where the Municipal Government is supporting high-school leaders to develop innovative projects that will benefit their communities.

YBL started in collaboration with the ASEAN Youth Leaders Association to support teams of high-school students from Zamboanga, Leyte, and Metro Manila developed their leadership around sustainability projects in communities.

Past Activities

Earlier, we organized the first Young Leaders Program to become a #Hero2030 at the Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange hosted by the Asian Development Bank, Storytelling Workshops for nursing students, Leadership Camps for high-school students, and a Young Environmental Leaders Program for college students and young professionals.

Read more about our projects here.

News and announcements

YBL 2016 Graduation at ADB on July 28 points way forward

4th Leadership Campers Fiesta and Workshop at BSM  

Asian Development Bank will host the graduating teams as we look forward to more schools joining.

Where the Young Bridging Leadership program was co-created with many partners.

2nd Leadership Campers Fiesta at Hungry Minds School

Camp graduates stepped up to new challenges in teaching leadership to 4th grade students.

1st Urban Garden Challenge Award Presented

Food for Hungry Minds School received the award for creating a roof-top school garden.

Testimonials from our young leaders

To be a leader, I think you would have to be patient and cooperative, you should be inspiring and should help build a team.
— Kelly Anne Price, Mahatma Gandhi International School
To be a good leader, you’ll have to be a good listener. A leader must be able to make his followers want to be leaders too.
— Andre Siapuatco, Colegio San Agustin
Leaders are called to be the voice of the people. They take initiative to step up and make a change to serve the people around them. They are able to see greatness in every person and work in order to bring out the greatness in everyone.
— Maria Soliven, Assumption College

Our young leaders have more to say about leadership learning and development. To read them, click on Testimonials in the navigation bar above, or simply click here.

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