Leadership Camps

We asked our young participant-leaders during last year's leadership camp who a leader is, why they want to be leaders, and how they can be leaders in their community. Here's what they had to say.

I want to learn how to be a leader and how to be confident in leading people. The leader thinks and tries his or her best to find a way...to lead others as a good role model. I see myself leading people and making new friends in the leadership camp.
— Jayzee Calingasan, Mahatma Gandhi International School
I know the camp will make me understand why people act a certain way and how I can help them as well as how to build my confidence. I also see myself as more patient, optimistic, and open-minded. I will learn to interact more with people and make new friends.
— Ishita Rai, Mahatma Gandhi International School
One of the leadership roles I consider important is that we should be loyal to our people and that we should put them before ourselves. After the leadership camp, I can see myself having good values and teaching other people how to use these values. I can see myself as a better and much more educated leader and person.
— Carmen Catibayan, Assumption College
To be a good leader, you have to be a better follower. The leadership camp is an opportunity for me to become a better servant-leader. It is such a great feeling of joy in my heart to know that I have helped someone else in my own simple way and led others into doing what is right.
— Einica Buhain, Assumption College
I believe that this leadership camp will bring me to my fullest potential and make me more capable of what a leader should be doing. Communication, taking initiative, commitment, and vigilance are important for leadership. Commitment means reaching goals. If we are vigilant enough, others will have a fruitful, learning experience.
— Mikaela Alviar, Assumption College
A leader should embody a lot of good traits. He or she should be able to lead not because of power but because she is willing to serve others without the need for any recognition. I realized that being focused and dedicated aid me in achieving my goals.
— Katrina Feranil, Assumption College
For me, leadership’s best role in our life is that it develops our capability to carry responsibility and managing plans, especially upon emergencies. Every leadership experience has its lesson in helping us develop our skills. I think that realizing the strengths of my teammates can help in the efficiency of our work.
— Erica Wong, Makati Hope Christian School
Being a leader is not simply leading others but influencing them. Giving up is not an option of a good leader. They are determined and show hard work to achieve their goal. After this leadership camp I will gain leadership traits that I can confidently share to others and make a big difference.
— Sarah Rabulan, Colegio San Agustin
I have four leadership roles that I consider to be important: directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating. I see myself as a motivator to other students, to know all my strengths and weaknesses, become a role model to younger children and to encourage others to participate actively in all projects or events.
— Chantel F. McDevitt, Mahatma Gandhi International School
Class officers for me, are one of the most important leaders as they are the ones who will influence us the most. If we follow them well, we will be able to follow our government well and become good citizens of our country. I will change how I lead my class to a better way that they will follow well and be motivated to do their best.
— Francesca Adre, Colegio San Agustin
A great leader must be able to uplift, encourage, and bring out the best in his or her colleagues. A good leader doesn’t impose, but rather he influences others to do what is right and appropriate for each and every situation. I can see myself as a much more confident leader, unlike ever before.
— Franceska Sedano, Colegio San Agustin
For a leader to be a great leader… one must be a good listener to hear his fellows out, a good example to encourage others to do anything that was beyond impossible, and a hardworking person to reach his/her goals sooner. I see myself joining the church choir and encourage others to sing for a cause, and I’m going to put the choir into the community.
— Alnah Franco, Mahatma Gandhi International School