Empowering young leaders

NATALIE IN THE LIGHT INC. was inspired by Natalie Lincklaen Arriëns when she decided to bravely take the lead in her battle against cancer. She left life on March 30, 2012, but not without bringing her own light unto others as well. By being a leader unto herself, Natalie inspired others to lead and make a difference in their communities.

Today,  our goal at Natalie in the Light Inc. is to empower a new generation of young leaders. Many have already joined our first three projects, including Leadership Camp 2014 and Leadership Camp 2015 for high-school leaders in Metro Manila, the Environmental Youth Leaders Program program for college leaders, and two Storytelling Workshops to build confidence and skills to reach out to children. In January 2016 we joined the Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange in Manila to create the Young Leaders Program to empower college leaders and young professionals. Our projects are crafted by taking to heart our guiding principles: a healthy mind, a healthy life, and making a difference.

Genuinely inspired by Natalie's example, her classmates at British School Manila created this plaque to serve as a reminder of her own brand of leadership. Please click the image if you wish to view it in a larger screen.

A healthy mind, healthy life, making a difference

How does one make a difference? Inspired by a healthy mind and a healthy life, it shows up in concrete actions and new behaviors. After graduating from the Leadership Camp, some young leaders decided to speak up in class and make new friends rather than stay quietly 'in their corner.' Others chose to run for the student council, change their diet to prepare healthy food at home, take the lead in a sports team, and engaged in volunteering to reach out to children in need. The list goes on. 

Leadership starts with the Self. A positive attitude, proper diet and a proper education are keys to leadership learning, and are essential ingredients to develop one's skills and become a more experienced, well-balanced leader.

All our projects are creating opportunities for leadership learning, stepping out of comfort zones, and exploring how to make a difference. Young leaders are building their confidence, expanding their wellness, and discovering how to be a light unto one self and others. Through our activities, they prepare to grow beyond their boundaries and reach out to motivate and help others.


Our Board Members for 2017-2018

Wouter T. Lincklaen Arriëns, President



Maria Joceline Bilasano, Vice-President and Treasurer




Masaki Villagracia Mitsuhashi, Secretary



Judee Quiazon, Member




Liezl Ann Motilla, Member

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