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Natalie in the Light Inc. has an expanding community of friends, volunteers, and leaders who desire to contribute to empowering young leaders. How about joining our community and be part of the action? Tell us how you want to make a difference and expand your own leadership in action. Join us as a Natalie in the Light Friend and then consider taking on an an active assignment as a Natalie in the Light Volunteer where you challenge yourself to make a difference. Once you have gained experience in volunteering assignments, you can further level up your contribution to lead activities.

Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.
— John C. Maxwell

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The first step in empowering young leaders is understanding the need for such empowerment. Sign up here to become a Natalie in the Light Friend and receive regular updates on our activities, projects, and lessons on leadership. We welcome your comments and suggestions for activities, and donations to support our work.


Become a Volunteer


If you make a difference yourself in leadership development you can apply for an assignment as Natalie in the Light Volunteer in one of our events, where you can contribute your skills in media, facilitation or logistics. The experience you gain in this community service will help you in your further education and career. You can also volunteer in


the Young Bridging Leaders Program to work shoulder-to-shoulder in one of the teams with our colleagues at AYLA - the ASEAN Youth Leaders Association. Gain valuable experience as you help the young leaders in the program while expanding and practicing your leadership skills with our guidance and support.  Sign up here.

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